Is Cheese Ok To Eat Before Colonoscopy


Before the colonoscopy, patients are advised to prepare their bodies by following medical guidelines. Often, cheese is completely off the menu.

As cheesy snacks are often an important source of nutrition for many, this news can often come as a shock and leave patients wondering why – Is cheese really not allowed before the colonoscopy?

Facts and Research:

Research has shown that cheese is not suitable as a pre-colonoscopy snack. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a part of the National Institutes of Health, cheese and other high-fat foods can produce more gas which can make it harder to get a clear view during a colonoscopy.

Experts recommend that cheese should be avoided, but low-fat and fat-free options are allowed.The Institute also suggests avoiding regular dairy products such as milk and cream because they can create a layer of mucus on the walls of the intestine which can also interfere with the examination.

Perspectives from Experts:

Colonoscopy experts recommend home preparation prior to a colonoscopy to make the process easier and to ensure clear views.Dr. Zachary S. Dorn, a gastrointestinal physician in Washington, D.C., suggests that proper preparation and understanding of the procedure beforehand is key.

“Patients need to realize that this preparation is very important and that they should get advice from their doctors about how to best prepare,” he said.”It’s important to stick to your doctor’s instructions, as changes in diet can affect the performance of the procedure.”

Risks of Eating Cheese:

Eating cheese before a colonoscopy can come with risks.The American Cancer Society estimates that at least one in 20 people will experience a tear or perforation during the procedure, and the presence of certain foods can make it more difficult to spot and fix minor tears.

Cheese can also cause other extreme reactions, such as nausea and vomiting, during the procedure.Dr. Dorn warns patients that it’s best to avoid any foods that could cause excessive bloating, as this could lead to a more uncomfortable procedure.

Long-term Benefits:

Although the rules for what to eat before a colonoscopy may seem strict, it’s important to remember that the procedure itself is largely for preventive care.Regular screening can often catch early signs of colon cancer as well as polyps that, if left untreated, could potentially lead to cancer down the line.

While it may not seem important to avoid certain foods before a colonoscopy today, in the long run, it could help to keep you or a loved one safe and healthy.

Nutritional Alternatives:

So what can one eat instead?The American Cancer Society recommends sticking to low-fiber and lower fat meals about four hours before the procedure, and going for clear liquids up to two hours before.

Low-fiber and low-fat alternatives include clear salmon or tuna, egg whites, and broth-based soups. Patients can also turn to artificially sweetened liquids such as tea and sparkling water to stay hydrated.

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