How To Make Milk Tea Cheese Foam

What are Milk Tea Cheese Foams?

Milk tea cheese foams are a type of dessert commonly found in Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Singapore and more. It is a milk foam topping that is carefully layered on top of a hot or cold milk tea. This topper is made from a scrumptiously thick cheese with cream and a mix of various seasonings. The cheese topping is aerated or whipped and served on top, providing an unforgettable taste experience!

What Ingredients are needed to Make Cheese Foams?

To create a great cheese foam, you need to have the right ingredients. The base of the cheese foam consists of cream cheese, heavy cream and sugar. For additional flavor, you can add ingredients such as icing sugar, matcha powder, honey, nutmeg, vanilla extract, salt, and more. You can also replace some of the cream cheese with cream for a lighter consistency.

Steps to Making Milk Tea Cheese Foams

Firstly, let’s start by gathering all the ingredients and prepping them for use. Make sure to measure out the exact quantities of each ingredient needed for the recipe. Then, begin by creaming the cream cheese and sugar together in a bowl. Next, add the heavy cream, whisk until the mixture is thick and slightly glossy.
Once the mixture is ready, beat the mixture with an electric beater to make a fluffy, creamy cheese foam. You can also whisk the mixture with a hand mixer for about 1-2 minutes or until the foam is thick and foamy. Finally, in a separate bowl, combine the seasoning ingredients and mix well.

How to Layer the Cheese Foam?

For the next step, let’s begin layering the cheese foam onto the milk tea. Start with a glass of iced or hot milk tea. You can use any type of prepared milk tea for this. Then, slowly pour the cheese foam on top of the tea, letting it spread out across the surface.
To create a thicker foam layer, use a spoon to scoop and further spread the cheese foam across the tea surface. Once the cheese foam toping is thick enough, it is ready to be enjoyed.

Decorations and Toppings

No cheese foam is complete without added decorations and toppings! Keep your audience in mind when adding special touches to your milk tea cheese foam. You can finish the dessert with a topping of fresh fruits like strawberry, diced fruits, matcha powder, popping boba or your favorite nuts.

Serving and Storing Tips

For best results, serve the milk tea cheese foam right away when it has been most freshly prepared. To avoid spoilage, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Make sure to consume or reheat the foam topping before it reaches its expiration date.

Cooking Methods for Milk Tea Cheese Foams

When making milk tea cheese foams, there are several cooking methods to consider. You can opt to use cheese powder, pre-made cheese sauce mixes, or make your own fresh cheese foam from scratch.
If you’re making your cheese foam mixture from scratch, try using low-fat cream cheese or substitute the 1 cup of heavy cream with evaporated skim milk to reduce fat and calories. For more health-conscious individuals, making a healthy cheese foam mixture is key to get the best taste without compromising on the health benefits.

Cheese Types to be Used to Make Milk Tea Cheese Foams

Choosing the right cheese for making milk tea cheese foams is essential to get that perfect flavor. Generally, the better the quality of the cheese used for this recipe, the tastier the cheese foam will be. Cream cheese, cream cheese with a hint of blue cheese, ricotta cheese or even cottage cheese can be used to make delicious cheese foam creations.

Tips to Making the Most of Milk Tea Cheese Foams

To make the most of your milk tea cheese foam creations, it is important to experiment with flavors and ingredients. Adding a touch of pure honey, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, or other flavorful ingredients can help to boost the deliciousness of the topping. Be sure to adjust the amounts of ingredients according to your own personal taste preferences.

Health Benefits of Milk Tea Cheese Foams

Milk tea cheese foams are not just a tasty treat, but they can also offer some health benefits. Cheese has been known to provide essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. Additionally, if you opt for a few healthier ingredients when making the cheese foam, your milk tea cheese foam can be a nutritious snack for you and your loved ones!

Releasing the Fun in Cheese Foams

For those who love to experiment with fun flavors and toppings, milk tea cheese foams are the perfect dessert. Creative cravings like mango cheese foam, matcha cheese foam or even bubble cheese foam can be explored and enjoyed for special occasions. There is no limit to the endless possibilities of delicious and exciting topping combinations!


Milk tea cheese foams are a wonderful, tasty treat that can easily be made at home. Through the simple steps outlined above, anyone can make a delicious cheese foam topping in no time. Whether it’s to satisfy a craving for something sweet or to host a special event, this dairy dessert is sure to please!

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