How To Make Egg And Milk Pudding

Egg and milk pudding is a classic dessert that has been around for centuries. It’s a simple, affordable, and delicious way to end any meal, while also providing the nutrients and energy needed for a healthy lifestyle. Even though the traditional recipe may be a bit complicated for some to make, the steps involved in creating this classic dish are quite easy, and anyone can pull it off with a bit of practice. Follow this step-by-step guide and make your very own egg and milk pudding in no time.


To make a single serving of egg and milk pudding, you’ll need the following ingredients: two eggs, one cup of whole milk, two tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, and one tablespoon of butter.

Cookware and Utensils

You’ll also need some cookware and utensils to make your egg and milk pudding. This includes a double boiler, a large bowl, a whisk or an electric mixer, a measuring cup, and a rubber spatula.

Step-by-step Instructions

Begin by breaking the two eggs into the large bowl and whisking the mixture until it’s creamy. Next, place the bowl onto the double boiler and add the milk, sugar, butter, and pinch of salt. Whisk the ingredients together for a few minutes and wait for the mixture to heat, stirring occasionally. Once the milk begins to simmer, stir the mixture constantly to prevent it from burning. The milk should form a thick and creamy texture and become slightly golden at the edges. Take the mixture off the heat and pour the mixture into the large bowl with the eggs. Whisk the two mixtures together for a few minutes until they’re well combined.

Finally, pour the pudding mixture into a bowl or plate and let it cool for a few minutes. Sprinkle some powdered sugar atop the pudding if desired and it’s ready to be served. Enjoy!

Serving Suggestions

Egg and milk pudding can be served by itself as a dessert, or paired with other dishes and treats. It’s the perfect accompaniment to an ice cream sundae or cupcakes, and pairs nicely with fresh fruit such as cherries or bananas. The pudding can also be served cold by storing it in an airtight container in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Health Considerations

Though egg and milk pudding is a delicious and classic dessert, it should be consumed in moderation due to the added sugar content and fat content from the butter. Also, if you’re allergic to eggs or dairy, you should not consume this dish. If you’re vegan, there are vegan versions of this dish available that involve substituting the eggs with plant-based dairy or using a combination of sugar and dietary starch.


Though the basic recipe for egg and milk pudding is simple, this dessert can be altered and customized in various ways to make it even more entertaining and delicious. For a more flavorful pudding, try using coconut milk, almond milk, or even oat milk instead of whole milk to give the dish a unique and interesting flavor. Additionally, you can play around with the amount of sugar you want to use, depending on how sweet you want the pudding. Some cooks may even opt to use honey or other natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Flavored extracts such as vanilla, almond, or coconut can also be added into the mixture for a more aromatic taste.


Egg and milk pudding is a great dessert to experiment with and there are countless possibilities for customization. Have fun with it and try to find your own unique combination of ingredients and flavors. Don’t be afraid to play around with the recipe and add your own special touches. Get creative and make this classic dessert your own.


Though the traditional recipe is plain, some cooks may choose to add a touch of flavor directly into the pudding mixture. For a classic flavor, dissolve a teaspoon of cocoa into the milk and sugar mixture prior to heating. For a more exotic flavor, try adding some cardamom, nutmeg, or saffron. For a citrusy twist, add a teaspoon of orange blossom water or lemon juice. For a sweeter taste, mix in some fudge sauce or caramel. The possibilities are endless, so be creative and enjoy making this classic dessert your own!


Egg and milk pudding can be served either hot or cold depending on preference. Presenting the pudding in a glass bowl or a serving dish adds to the dish’s sophistication and makes it a treat worth sharing with friends and family. Adding fresh fruit or a sprinkle of powdered sugar to the dish prior to serving gives it a hint of sweetness. To make it even more special, serve the pudding with a scoop of ice cream or a homemade whipped cream.

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