How To Make Boba Milk Tea Easy


Boba Milk Tea, also referred to as bubble tea, is made up of four core components: tea, milk, boba or tapioca balls, and a sweetener. The ingredients can be sourced quite affordably and easily, making this recipe incredibly simple to execute. Freshly brewed tea is the base of this drink, so it’s important to include quality ingredients such as high quality leaves or a tea concentrate. You can choose whichever tea you’d like based on your tastes and preferences. Just make sure that if you choose a tea concentrate, you read all of the ingredients in order to avoid any unwanted additives or chemicals.

Next, you’ll need to choose the type of milk to mix into your boba tea. It’s a personal preference, but usually whole milk is the best choice for this drink. Non-dairy milk is also an option if you want to adjust the flavour and calories of the drink. A popular sugar substitute among boba lovers is honey or agave syrup. These natural sweeteners maintain the crisp flavour of the tea and add just a small hint of sweetness. Lastly, you’ll need to find tapioca balls to add to your drink. These are available in many Asian markets, health food stores, online, and in many grocery stores. You can choose either freshly made or pre-made boba, depending on the recipe.

Brewing the Tea

Brewing the perfect tea for your boba drink is essential. Firstly, you’ll need to heat your water to the correct temperature for the particular tea you’ve chosen. For instance, green tea is usually brewed at a temperature of around 160-180°F and black tea can be brewed around 212°F. Once you have heated the water to the appropriate temperature, you can pour it into your cup and add the tea leaves or concentrate. Then, let the tea steep for around 3-5 minutes.

When the tea is finished steeping, you’re ready to add the other ingredients. Once the tea is brewed, you can add your desired sweetener such as honey or agave syrup. Then, pour in your choice of milk. Make sure that you don’t use too much if you want to enjoy the flavour of the tea. Lastly, add the boba balls to the drink. You can add as much or as little as you like, or you can even opt out of adding boba altogether.

Shaking the Drink

After your boba drink is finished brewing and the ingredients are added, it’s time to shake it up. Put a lid on the drink and give it a good hard shake. This will help the boba settle in the bottom of the drink and mix the tea and milk together to create one cohesive flavour. You can also use a blender for this step, but be careful not to over mix it and ruin the texture of the boba.

Once your drink is well-mixed and distributed throughout the cup, you can pour it into a serving glass and enjoy. When you’re finished, you can drink the boba with a straw, or you can eat them plain or with a spoon.

Serving the Drink

Now that your boba drink is finished, the next step is to serve it. Well-made boba milk tea is one of the tastiest beverages out there, but it should be served fresh and cold. Place freshly brewed boba milk tea in the refrigerator for a few hours, or put it into the freezer for a few minutes to make sure that it’s chilled. If you want to make the drink an even more special treat, you can add ice cubes to the drink.

When you’re ready to serve the drink, you can garnish it with fruit slices, edible flowers, sprinkles, or strawberry syrup. This will add an interesting texture and visual aesthetic to the beverage. You can also offer beverages like these iced or hot to make them more special.

Health Benefits

Boba Milk Tea is a delicious treat to enjoy, but it also offers some health benefits. Tea, which is the base of this drink, pairs a wealth of antioxidants with a lower amount of caffeine than coffee. Antioxidants help to boost your immune system, fight against inflammation, and even help to protect against chronic diseases. Furthermore, this drink can offer a calcium boost due to the addition of milk. Finally, the boba or tapioca balls give some extra carbohydrates and fiber, especially when they are cooked in a syrup of sorts.

General Tips and Considerations

When making Boba Milk Tea, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind. Firstly, the type of tea you choose is important to the flavour of the boba tea. It’s always best to opt for high quality tea since this will dictate the flavour of the drink. Next, you don’t want to skimp on the sweetness. If you choose a low-calorie sweetener like honey or agave, you’ll need to add in enough so that the tea isn’t bland.

The Boba

The final ingredient to consider is the boba. Firstly, make sure that your boba is freshly cooked so that it’s still soft and chewy. If you choose pre-made boba, make sure to rinse them off with cold water to remove any unwanted flavours. You can also give them a quick reheat in a pot of hot water for a few minutes before adding them to the drink. You should also opt for cooked boba made with natural ingredients over those coated with artificial flavours.

The Right Equipment

In order to make the perfect Boba Milk Tea, there are certain pieces of equipment that you’ll need. Firstly, you’ll need a pot or kettle to heat the water for the tea. If you don’t have access to one, you can get a simple electric kettle that will work just fine. You’ll also need a cup or pitcher of some sort to pour the tea into and shake the drink. This is an essential item which will provide easier and faster mixing. Lastly, if you decide to make the boba yourself, you’ll need a pot and a deep-frying strainer to separate the cooked boba from the syrup.

Making Your Own Boba

Making your own boba is a cheap and simple way to get the perfect Boba Milk Tea. Firstly, you’ll need to combine 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar and bring to a boil in a pot. When the sugar is finished dissolving, add in 1 cup of tapioca pearls and let them cook in the syrup for approximately 5 minutes. Once they are cooked, take them out of the syrup and rinse them off with cold water. Then, allow them to cool before adding them to the drink. This is a great way to customize the flavor of your boba and get exactly what you want.

Making Special Flavors

For a truly special boba milk tea, you can choose to add unique flavors to the syrup. To do this, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors like pomegranate, passion fruit, and mango. Simply add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pureed or strained fruit to the syrup while it’s boiling for a unique twist on the classic boba milk tea. You can also add other spices and herbs in order to create even more interesting flavor combinations.


Adding decorations to your boba is a great way to make your drink stand out and add a unique visual effect. You can top it with fruit slices, edible flowers, or sprinkles for a beautiful and delicious treat. You can also try adding layers of shaved ice, fruit pulp, or even colorful jelly balls for an extra special touch. In addition, you can use pieces of exotic fruit like lychee, pineapple, or dragon fruit for an extra sweet and flavorful combination.

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