How To Make An Iced Almond Milk Latte At Home

Ingredients needed

Making iced almond milk latte at home requires a few ingredients. These include almond milk, instant espresso powder or instant coffee, and honey (optional for sweetness if desired). To give the drink a special taste, feel free to opt for other ingredients such as cinnamon powder, nutmeg, cardamom, and more. Of course, the basic items listed here will do the job perfectly!

The Preparation Process

As with any beverage, the preparation process is key to success. Firstly, combine the almond milk with the instant coffee. (Side note—if you don’t have almond milk, you can easily substitute soy, cow, or oat milk). Depending on the coffee you use, you can add in the coffee first and then pour the milk or the other way around. This step will largely depend on how strong you want the coffee flavor to be.

The second step will be to add the honey—if you are using it. Depending on how sweet you like your latte, you can choose to either add a teaspoon of honey or less according to taste. After that, stir the ingredients until the honey is well combined.

Finally, you can add in the optional spices such as cinnamon powder, nutmeg, cardamom, and more depending on availability. Adding these ingredients will give your iced almond milk latte a distinct and different flavor each time.

Blending the drink

Once the ingredients have all been combined, it’s time to blend the drink. This step ensures that all the ingredients are fully incorporated with each other and create the perfect, creamy latte. For best results, pour the drink into a blender and blend until it is smooth and creamy. This usually takes around two minutes or so.

To add some flair to the drink, feel free to add some vanilla extract, almond extract, or other flavoring ingredients. Once the drink is fully blended, pour the drink into a glass and garnish with a few pieces of almond or other nuts (optional).

Chilling the drink

Once you have the drinks blended, it’s time to chill them. To do this, pour the blended lattes into a container and pop it into the freezer for around an hour. As the drinks freeze, it’s important to stir the drinks every half an hour or so to prevent the mixture from freezing solid and ensure that the blends is creamy after being frozen.

Serving the iced almond milk latte

Once the drinks have frozen, it’s time to bring them out and serve! Take the container out of the freezer and pour the iced almond milk latte into glasses. Feel free to garnish the drinks with some nutmeg, or an almond for additional taste and visual appeal.

How to Make Iced Almond Milk Latte With a French Press

Making an iced almond milk latte with a French press is a convenient way of whipping up a delicious drink in a jiffy. To start, fill the French press with the almond milk and instant coffee, and give it a good stir. Once the ingredients are well combined, put the plunger on the top and press it down, stirring gently with a spoon.

After the mixture has been adequately stirred, pop the French press into the fridge and leave it there to chill for around an hour. Once chilled, remove the French press from the fridge and take the plunger off the top. Give the mixture another stirring and pour it into glasses. Garnish the drinks with nutmeg, cinnamon powder, or almonds as desired.

Making Iced Almond Milk Latte with a Mason Jar

If you don’t have a French press, a Mason jar is a great alternative. This tool is versatile and can be used to whip up a variety of drinks. To make an iced almond milk latte with a Mason jar, combine the almond milk, instant coffee, and honey in the jar and mix well. Once the ingredients are mixed, close the lid of the Mason jar and shake it vigorously for around a minute.

Once shaken appropriately, leave the Mason jar in the fridge to chill for around one hour. After that, take the jar out of the fridge and give it another shaking to stir the ingredients together. Pour the latte into glasses and enjoy!

Making Iced Almond Milk Latte With an Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is the best way to create a smooth and creamy iced almond milk latte. To make the latte, combine the almond milk and instant coffee in a bowl and mix until the ingredients are combined. Then, take the immersion blender and blend the ingredients until the mixture is at the desired

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